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Project management

While carrying out re-branding projects, we conduct a series of activities aimed at achieving primary and secondary goals.
The most common cause of failure in succeeding in a project is the lack of proper analysis and possible risk evaluation before starting the project. Our task is the complete risk management, work progress supervision and monitoring of the schedule.
Perfectly carried out project management is a standard procedure, without which the re-branding process would be highly jeopardized.
Regularly submitted reports allow our clients to be best informed about the current state of the progressing project.

The service includes:

  • Management of the re-branding process
  • Setting detailed schedules of the stages of a project’s progress
  • Determining the critical points
  • Production Planogram
  • Warehouse System and Installation of Planograms
  • Receipt procedures
  • Waste material management (management of waste materials resulting from the re-branding process, uninstalling, segregation and recycling)