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Chairwoman’s statement

Dear Sirs,

The key to our success is respect for the customer and constant development of relations with the market, paying special attention to the quality of our services and friendly relationships, as also represented the value of business. Although the global effects of climate and geopolitical, general anxiety about the future and the instability of state policy have left traces which were observed in the Polish economy in 2016, they have not slowed down our growth and increase in revenues. On a global scale, Poland and the Polish capital still invariably attracts attention as a center of financial and economic stability, which we at Vivenge have used in shaping our strategy on foreign markets.

Thanks to our partners and our relations based on trust and cooperation, we keep developing into a strong socially and economically company. We are especially grateful to our clients, who have brought us to this place in our company’s history. It is your trust that we have developed on. You have enabled us to create new jobs. With your help we contribute to the economic growth of our country. We learn through your challenges. We grow from strength to strength thanks to hard work. We are proud of our membership of the WTO UN Secretary General Global Compact Initiative Network Poland. We consider it a great commitment and responsibility to be an example of a leader of good practices in our field.

We believe, that following the path of corporate social responsibility in business is the best way to improve the efficiency and competitive powers of Polish companies on the market.

Our passion is the proliferation of your success as a tool creating a better tomorrow for us and our children.

Yours faithfully,
Katarzyna Rudnicka
Chairman of the board