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Brandbility is a project being carried out by the UN Secretary General Global Compact Initiative (Polish office)
Brandbility is a platform of dialogue between businesspeople and institutions that regulate business. The key objective of the dialogue is to make sure the environment gets least affected by a brand’s life-cycle and to take responsibility for the waste materials resulting from the re-branding/remodelling process.

Big companies often initiate and promote actions focused on protecting the natural environment. The lack of responsible waste materials management resulting from re-branding processes is a major problem. Vivenge, a company where CSR standards are practiced, takes full responsibility for any environmental damage resulting from its activities. We always take care of the waste materials we produce in the best way possible. As leaders in our line of business, a specialist in big re-branding project management, we feel obliged to create positive practices for the benefit of the environment we live in.

It is obvious that the production of advertising materials is not ecological. Therefore, it is necessary for us to bear that fact in mind and develop a number of preventive measures in order to minimize the amount of these waste materials being dumped in our environment.  Vivenge’s long-term objective is the introduction of an ecology-aware type of management of brands at every stage of their lives. The initiative concerns the whole client identity from the moment it is designed, through production, uninstalling the old brand and installing the new one, to recycling and reusing the processed materials on the aftermarket.   

This type of service will be available on the Polish market in the autumn of 2013 – Vivenge will provide its clients with 100% recycling of the materials remaining after uninstalling the old identity.

It is not an easy task for us. We are facing the necessity of implementing a properly-organized waste materials management cycle, including their complete recycling and reusing them within the new identity. It is strictly connected with changing many of the current procedures within our company. The process is being audited by independent institutions in the field.
More information on this subject and the cooperation between the UN Secretary General Global Compact Initiative (Polish office) and VIVENGE will be available during the Warsaw Climate Change Conference (COP 19), which will take place in Warsaw in November this year (2013).