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Project management

In the projects we have implemented in changing branch furnishing concepts and company-wide signage rebranding, we have carried out a number of activities to achieve the main and intermediate goals set. The reason for the failure of any project is a lack of its prior analysis, determination of critical points and exclusion of the possible risk of failure. Our task is to fully manage the task of replacing furniture and the branding of the network of customer service points, controlling the work's progress and monitoring the schedule. Perfectly co-ordinated project management is a standard without which the remodelling and rebranding process could be heavily compromised. Thanks to systematic reports and project management using a dedicated IT programme, the client has access to knowledge about the current state of the project implementation and the progress that has been made.

Our work includes:

  • Managing the remodelling and rebranding process using an IT platform
  • The development of a detailed schedule of the implementation process
  • Determination of critical points
  • A production planogram
  • A planogram of the warehouse system, delivery and installation
  • Acceptance procedures

Waste management (management of waste materials resulting from rebranding, from uninstalling, segregation and recycling)