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Chairwoman’s statement

Dear Sir/Madam!

Since 1997, quality and effectiveness have been at heart of our operations and the positive results of our work power Vivenge's continuous growth. I can safely say that year on year, Vivenge has systematiccally increasedboth its sales and its market share in Poland and abroad. 

Our focus on customers is the key ti Vivenge's success. Our great customer service, represents our business values, and this integrity has empowered us to build a stable relationshp withe the market. Vivenge's growth from strength to strength is the result of our successfu relationships with our partnerships based on trust and mutual cooperation.

Vivenge proudly creates jobs and contributes to economic growth in Poland.

Since 2012, we have been an active member of the  UN Global Compact Poland, the UN Secretary General's initiative. For us, Vivenge's membership in this unique organization means we are leading our industry's best practice by example.

Our business growth is driven by social responsibility and we proudly demonstrate how this is the right way to improve the effectiveness and competitiveness Polish companies in both local and global markets.

Our goal has always been to strengten our Clients' image. We put our hearts and our hard work into this commitment. Our path to success is paved with winning clients.


Yours faithfully,
Katarzyna Rudnicka
Chairman of the board