The ceremony began with in the chair. 14.00 artistic program prepared by the animators under the direction of Artistic Studies AE & Event Marketing. The artistic program attracted not only children. On the dance floor rampaged both younger and older. There were plenty chants of common, shared laughs and dances. The youngest most appealed to inflatable slides and castles, which provided not one your child a lot of smiles.

The corners of artistic face painting from that and not only can use during this year's Christmas tree. Adults While they integrate at tables laden with food and have participated in social games with their children. The climax of Christmas tree was the arrival of Santa Claus, who handed out gifts to all children.

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During the game was settled Lottery "Christmas Wheel of Fortune." Winners received huge checks that could be realized in 2 weeks after the ending the Christmas tree. Was also conducted overtime contest in the form of Christmas Crosswords, which allowed to increase the chance of winning our youngest. They were all zaroszeni for a tasty treat. Humours dopisywały all the last minutes of fun. Despite the the great weariness of our children, grief was down from the dance floor. But all good things come to an end. Christmas New Year passed into history.

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