The panellists VIVENGE on POLEKO


In Poznan, started on the 25th anniversary edition of the International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POLEKO. This is the most prestigious in the country fair topics including : renewable sources of energy, ecology and environmental protection, and public utilities. Heavily -tech and environmentally fair proved to be a good business and meeting professionals. This year's show also abounded in events dedicated professionals - there have been over 50 different conferences, workshops and training courses. Rooms were full of students - to Poznan came off several thousand professionals seeking new knowledge. One of them was a panel discussion with the participation of Catherine Rudnicki, president of the board VIVENGE involving Mr. Kamil Wyszkowski Coordinator Initiative of the Secretary -General of the United Nations Global Compact in Poland, in which the participation of other speakers addressed the problem of the modern world which is the growing amount of waste. Their storage is a challenge socially, economically and environmentally. VIVENGE outlined Brand Bility initiative, which is the originator, thus contributing to building even greater transparency and understanding of issues relating to emerging waste. BrandBility a business platform for dialogue and the institutions governing their operation, in which the main theme is to minimize the environmental effects associated with the life cycle of the brand and corporate responsibility for waste streams arising from the process of rebranding / remodeling / renovation. The project is the initiative of the Secretary -General of the United Nations Global Compact (Office of Poland ), whose company is the originator.



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