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Our responsibility

We treat CSR as an inherent element of management. We use our company’s profit capital to generate added value to society in a way that is effective and well-suited to the character of the market we operate in. We are aware of the great potential and meaning of the resources and knowledge we possess for creating good practices and codes of conduct directed at the broadly-defined field of advertising. As leaders in the field, we are responsible for determining the direction of progress, whose foundations will be based on solid moral values.

Being guided by the rules of responsible management policies, we try to undertake actions, which with minimum interference with the environment, allow us to carry out lucrative activity. Bearing that in mind, we have implemented an integrated quality management system based on the standards PN - EN ISO 9001:2008, PN - EN ISO 14001: 2005, OHSAS 18001:2007. As an employer responsible for its role in society, we have also implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility system based on ISO 26000: 2010 and S.A. 8000: 2008 standards.