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Who we are

At Vivenge, we are a community.

Together with our employees, we have created a culture where employees play key roles throughout the organisation. As part of a team, each member is supported. Within this environment, we empower individual creativity and innovative thinking so we can share our inspired discoveries in order to meet new challenges and take on greater responsibility.

We love our work. We have created an environment where people not only understand each other, but like working with each other.

We respect and appreciate our clients’ contributions to our company’s development. It is the clients that have led us to where we are now. Thanks to our clients we grow, develop and become stronger. As a group, we feel socially responsible, we know that our attitude and the decisions we make have a great impact on our lives and the lives of our children.


Katarzyna Rudnicka

Chairwoman of the Board

Katarzyna has been the Chairwoman of the Board since 2009. She has a vast experience of working in key managerial positions in power engineering and the food industries. A mathematician by education and an excellent saleswoman. A visionary with both feet on the ground, her lifetime passions are sport and self-development. A mother of three, she takes her motto from Albert Einstein: "When all know that something is undoable– a one who doesn’t know this can turn up and will do it."