About us

We are a community. A living organism. Everyone plays a key role here, there are no equals. Each of us is a specialist in his or her field. We are individuals, we are beautifully different. We are a team, so no one is ever left without help. We inspire each other and this inspiration brings us joy.

We support each other’s creativity and open-mindedness, empowering each other to face new challenges with greater courage, a broader vision and constant responsibility.

We are people who love their work. Our life is our passion.

We respect and trust each other. We don’t doubt neither ourselves nor a colleague. We know that we can rely on each other.

We highly value our clients’ contribution to our development. Our HERE and NOW is largely our clients’ merit. It is thanks to our clients, that we have grown, developed and are continually improving our competence strength and confidence.

We feel socially responsible. We are conscious that our decisions and attitude influence lives and well-being in our environment. We dive deeper and deeper into notions of friendship, brotherhood, peace and goodness.

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Statement by the CEO

Prezes Katarzyna Rudnicka

“Recent years have brought both a technical revolution and a massive economic crisis. On one hand we are developing technologically at an unprecedented pace, jumping timelines almost at the speed of light, on the other hand a very clear process of demolition of all previous systems is taking place, such as political, economic, religious, cultural, educational, health, juridical…

Covid 19 has brought the downfall of weak and rigid companies, elevating even higher those that have flexibly and smoothly been able to adapt to mega-volatility of the environment, always turning the frightening change into an opportunity and a chance.

For me, this unprecedented time has put humanity’s maturity under exam. This is a moment when the results of exam tests indicate that although we have tools at a very high level, human knowledge and social maturity are areas where the gap should be filled thoroughly and quickly. Nonetheless cyberspace, virtual currency, biotechnologies, space migration, we are not grounded enough in the ideas of goodness, peace and brotherhood. We improve the development of technology with an extremely devout reverence, while the development of the spirit, the culture of selfless help, the spread of justice and equality are seen as an ineffective waste of time.

How many of us do ask the question – why, in the 21st century, a time with such powerful advances in technology, the war is still being a legitimate way of the conflict resolution and has not prohibited by world law?

Let’s demand the maturity from those who govern us. Let’s ask them of the ideas they are driven by. Let’s hold them accountable for the truth of their deeds. Let’s be courageous and relentless in investigating the real motives of the ruling elites of our planet. Let’s identify new leaders for whom the good of the Earth and the good of humanity are essential. Let’s support the new generation by leaving the door open for massive changes in law, education, politics, economy, religion, culture… Very, very deep changes – involving both the structure and the foundations of the systems.

Let’s not keep looking into the future hoping it will be better. Let’s stop at the HERE and NOW. We have the total, complete and 100 per cent impact on what we do, think and decide now and here. Let’s use this power of choice, the power available within ourselves.”

Best Regards
Katarzyna Rudnicka, CEO