Delikatesy Centrum in the new version

Full brand identity in cooperation with Vivenge

The company considered several variants of logotypes and checked, through a focus study, what customers thought of them. The pilot was so successful that the new external visualisation was implemented in all outlets of the retail chain. The final choice fell on vivid, contrasting stripes in the new brand colours: green and red. At the same time, a completely new layout of the outside of the shops was prepared. The main objective was to improve their visibility and strengthen the image of Delikatesy Centrum shops. In this aspect of creating and developing the visual identity of the Delikatesy Centrum chain we – Vivenge – participated. Vivenge has been creating the signage for Delikatesy Centrum shops almost since the chain’s inception. The change of the logo was based on close cooperation. We also helped in the selection of signage elements’ technology. The new external visualisation is a part of a wider changes aimed to change the internal visualisation of Delikatesy Centrum shops. The refreshed outlets have also been equipped with new furniture and sales concepts consistent with the modernised visualisation. These include, among others, bakery racks, fruit and vegetable racks, the technology of which was developed by Vivenge in 2021.

More than 220 out of 1550 outlets across the country can already boast a new look, and this number will gradually increase.

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