New Year's Christmas Party 2023


On Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, a “New Year’s Christmas Party” was held for the children of our company’s employees. Children with their parents were invited to Parisel Palace Leśne Zacisze in Klimki.

The ceremony started at 2 pm with an artistic program prepared by animators under the direction of FUN IDEA. The artistic program interested not only children. Both young and old were on the dance floor. There was no shortage of singing, laughing and dancing together. The youngest liked the inflatable slides and castles the most, which provided many children with a smile.

Art corners, face painting, pink-pong tables, air hockey or Kinect with X-Box are just some of the attractions that could be used during this year’s Christmas tree. Adults, on the other hand, integrated themselves at the lavishly laid tables and participated in common games with their children. In the middle of the fun, we were visited by a talented magician, Maciej Pęda, who delighted everyone with his amazing tricks.

 The highlight of the Christmas party was the arrival of Santa Claus, who gave gifts to all the children. During the game, the “Christmas Lottery” was settled. The winners received huge checks that could be cashed 2 weeks after the Christmas tree was over. Everyone was in good spirits until the last minutes of fun. Despite the great tiredness of our children, it was a pity to leave the dance floor. However, all good things come to an end soon. The New Year’s Christmas Party has gone down in history.

We invite you to the next one next year!

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