The rebranding of stores network with Vivenge

On September 1st this year Grupa Polsat founded by Zygmunt Solorz changed its name to Grupa Polsat Plus. In addition, Polsat and Plus have had the logo redesigned.

As the press release states – the new branding was designed in a way to clearly communicate the services and products provided by the Grupa Polsat Plus. The logotypes were created “based on a vision of future and transparency and use a dedicated specially designed for the Group typography, a characteristic graphic element and colors”. Here below are the new logotypes.

 It took a while to achieve new colors in the new Plus and Polsat Box signage, in particular the new green color of Plus proved to be a challenge for our technologists and the team developing the technology for manufacturing elements of the new Grupa Polsat signage. The green color of Plus stands for innovation, development and care for the environment, while the yellow color of Polsat symbolizes energy, joy and optimism. The new brand logos are intended to be easily and clearly associable with the group while retaining their individual character and message.

In took just 60 days to execute the full rebranding of the entire stores chain – nearly 1000 outlets.

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